Winter, the season of yuzu

This time, we would like to introduce to you, the unique "yuzu miso", a combination of miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soybeans, and yuzu, a specialty of Kochi! 

This unique yuzu miso is a mixture of miso, yuzu peel, and sugar.

Put the miso and sugar in a pot and heat, add the lightly moistened yuzu peels and mix.

Cook over low heat not to make it burn, and when it becomes pliable, it is ready.

You can use it as a dressing or sauce to enjoy its nice aroma and deep flavor! 

You can also use it on rice balls, tofu, sauté or grilled dishes! 

The picture below shows a local women's group getting together to make their own homemade yuzu miso.

Why don't you try to prepare it at home too?
  • Winter, the season of yuzu