Kochi's peculiar museums

During the cold winter, a good idea is to stay indoors, and Kochi offers five museums with quite peculiar themes, difficult to find overseas! 

Even though they are very different from one another, these museums have some important common traits:
Aspects of Japanese culture
Colorful, perfect for your Instagram
Interactive, with many explanations and works of art
Suitable for children 

Let's have a brief look at each of them:

・Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto: Full of characters from movies, anime, and manga created by the world-famous figurines producer Kaiyodo. Irresistible to many fans of these industries. 

・Kaiyodo Kappa Museum: Dedicated to Kappa, the turtle-like folklore creature that lives in Japanese ponds and rivers.

・Anpanman Museum: Dedicated to Anpanman, famous superhero in Japan, an interesting discovery especially for kids!

・Ekin Museum: The peculiar works of art of Hirose Kinzo are enclosed in a spooky environment you can visit with the help of candlelight.

・Yosakoi Museum: Introduces the history, dances, and clothes of the summer Yosakoi festival, which is very unique also within Japan itself!