Yutorisuto Park

Ever want to be so high up that it feels like you’re floating on a sea of clouds? If so, then Yutorisuto Park Otoyo should be your next destination! 

Yutorisuto Park Otoyo is located in the Nakamuradaio area of Otoyo.

A special terrace called the Unkai Deck (“Sea of Clouds Deck”) is set in place at the park. From this terrace, you can enjoy a spectacular view of mountains partially submerged in a carpet of white clouds, at an elevation of 750 meters above sea level.

And while you’re here, why don’t you make yourself feel at home? You are welcome to stay at one of the park’s cottages or the campground.

That way, you will have the opportunity to see the clouds at various heights. When the clouds reach a lower height, they may seem like they’re winding around the mountains in the distance.

And as the clouds ebb and flow below you, you will be able to enjoy various foods and activities at the park, and even pick up some souvenirs! 

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