The higanbana, known in English as the red spider lily, has an intense scarlet color that makes it stand out in almost any plot of grass.

This flower’s stem can grow very tall and thick, contrasting with the flower’s many thin, curved petals and numerous filaments that spread outwards. 

This gorgeous flower is usually in full bloom during mid to late September each year in Kochi, signaling the coming of autumn.

In the Nyuta district of Shimanto city, higanbana grow in proliferation for about a whole 2 kilometers along the river! Once you’ve arrived, if you look at your surroundings, you might notice that the captivating color of these flowers matches perfectly with that of the Shimanto River Bridge, also loving called the “red iron bridge” by locals, in the background. 

Perhaps when you visit Kochi in the future, you can come down to Nyuta and make use of this excellent photo opportunity. 
  • Higanbana