Otonashi Shrine, the god of marriage!

Worshipped as the god of marriage, Otonashi Shrine, located in Susaki, Kochi Prefecture,  is also called "Miyajima of Tosa" because of its unique approach extending toward the sea. 

According to the legend, after escaping from a battle with the emperor Yûryaku, the god Hitokotonushinomikoto reached this place and decided to establish the shrine in the late 5th century.

However, it seems that the shrine was actually built in 1251. 

Nowadays, every autumn, a wedding ceremony of the gods called "Chiriheppo" has been held there.

Instead of tying the omikuji (fortune paper) to a rope or a branch of tree like in other shrines, visitors have to float it on the sea. To avoid harming the environment, Otonashi Shrine's omikuji is made of paper that dissolves in water.

If you have the opportunity to visit Kochi in autumn, don't forget to stop by this shrine full of history! 
  • Otonashi Shrine, the god of marriage!