“Tosa no Nageiredo”, Hijiri Shrine

In a valley near the town of Ochi lies one of Kochi’s mysteries – Hijiri Shrine, a wooden shrine built inside a narrow indentation on a rock wall. Hijiri Shrine is also referred to as “Tosa no Nageiredo” (Tosa’s “thrown inside temple”), an apt name given its location. 

It’s origin, including when it was built, remain largely unanswered.
One of the only clues to its history are a statue of a wisdom deity and a wooden plaque. According to the engravings, the shrine was remodeled in the year Meiji 12 (1879).
From this information, it is assumed that the shrine was first built in the late Edo era.

Just remember that it’s a bit of a walk, so when you visit, be sure to prepare accordingly!
  • “Tosa no Nageiredo”, Hijiri Shrine