Dorome, the tiny sardines of Kochi.

Dorome is a seafood delicacy enjoyed in the prefecture of Kochi.
Dorome are transparent, tiny sardines caught from the Tosa Sea, with an average length of about 1 to 2 cm. The locals of Kochi commonly enjoy the fish raw, dipped in a ponzu sauce (made from yuzu, garlic, vinegar, and miso).

Dorome’s soft texture and mildly bitter flavor makes it pair perfectly with Japanese saké.
You can also enjoy dorome boiled (known as "kamaage chirimen") on a bed of rice. Alternatively, they can be eaten dried. In this form, it is known as “chirimen jako”.

There is a variety of flavors when it comes to seafood in Kochi, and you’ll surely find delight in them!


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