We are Kochi-ke: Jon Kelbie

Good things are brewing in charming Hidaka Village

“My career has spanned all the way from bartending to banking, but I’ve always had one dream–to turn my love of beer into something that can be shared with others by opening my own small, independent brewery. After moving to my wife’s hometown of Hidaka Village (west of Kochi City) once our first daughter was born, that’s when I felt it was the perfect time to reignite and actively pursue this dream I’ve had since my 20s.”

“It’s quite challenging to lock in the brewery’s specific location in the area, but it’s an exciting process nevertheless. Dreaming about one day having a brewery where people can come to relax and share quality time, as well as figuring out how to make a truly one-of-a-kind beer that utilizes local ingredients like tea, mountain vegetables and even strawberries…Kochi’s abundant and diverse food culture is constantly inspiring new ideas in me, and that’s very exciting.”

“We are Kochi-ke (Kochi family)” is all about highlighting the stories of the people who make us proud to call Kochi our home. Whether you are living in Kochi now or have only visited once, you are part of the Kochi family

Originally from Scotland, Jon has been living in Hidaka Village since May 2022. You can read more about his dream brewery, life in rural Japan, and more, on his website and Instagram account below

Jon Kelbie

Hidaka Village
  • We are Kochi-ke: Jon Kelbie

  • We are Kochi-ke: Jon Kelbie

  • We are Kochi-ke: Jon Kelbie