Two spots for nature-lovers and history buffs!

Tosa City and Hidaka Village are hidden gems that often fly under the radar of many visitors, despite their proximity to Kochi City. With easy access to the pristine Niyodo River, and an array of charming attractions, they're the perfect countryside getaway, located only around 30 to 40 minutes from Kochi City by car

If you’re anything like me (nature-lover and history buff), you may be excited to learn that Tosa City is home to an enormous gingko tree that glows in its golden coat of autumn leaves, and in Hidaka Village, you will find 1400-year-old Omura Shrine that houses an ancient sword (believed to be Japan’s oldest fully-intact heirloom). November 15th is the only day of the year that the ancient sword is shown to the public at the shrine, during the annual autumn festival (of course, anyone is welcome to join)!

It takes under 20 minutes to drive between Kyoma Gingko Tree and Omura Shrine, so I highly recommend adding both spots to your itinerary

Omura Shrine

Kyoma Gingko Tree
The golden leaves peak around mid-December

Learn more about the charms of Hidaka Village here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10508

Special thanks to Instagram user @chu_ru_ran for the gorgeous first photo!

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  • Two spots for nature-lovers and history buffs!

  • Two spots for nature-lovers and history buffs!

  • Two spots for nature-lovers and history buffs!