A timeless clock and curry made with love

The handmade Nora Dokei (field clock) is not only beautiful on its own, but even more so, when collaborating with seasonal flowers. In summer, hundreds of bright yellow sunflowers bloom all around, and in autumn, a sea of cosmos brings popping colors to the former castle town of Aki. A little over an hour from Kochi Station by train (or under an hour if you catch the rapid train), Aki makes for a great autumn day trip, and especially so, because there’s a sumptuous meal waiting for you!

Just a three-minute walk from the over 130-year-old field clock, Sabito Susu Kotobukiten is a restaurant that serves mainly south Indian food. The signature plates include a little bit of everything, such as dry, gravy and soup curry served with rice, as well as an array of local veggies (specifics can change depending on the day and season, which is part of the fun)! I recommend tasting every element separately and then mixing them together for an ever-evolving eating experience

Nora Dokei (field clock)

Sabito Susu Kotobukiten
Vegetarian and vegan options available
Please note that the fourth photo is meant to give you an idea of the food available, and may not exactly represent the menu items on offer

Special thanks to Instagram user @utata83 for the lovely shot of the retro Nora Dokei collaborating with beautiful cosmos flowers!

@utata83: https://www.instagram.com/utata83/
  • A timeless clock and curry made with love

  • A timeless clock and curry made with love

  • A timeless clock and curry made with love