We are Kochi-ke: Binod Gupta

Bringing the flavors of India to the Japanese countryside

“After my wife and I met in India, we started living together in her hometown of Saitama Prefecture when we welcomed our first child. We spent several years there but I always dreamed of living in a place surrounded by mountains and nature. We visited various parts of Japan to scout for our new home but it wasn’t until coming here to Otoyo Town in Kochi Prefecture that I had the ‘this is it’ feeling. The area reminded me of the Himalayan landscape in northern India where I spent much of my life, and I instantly fell in love.”

“Back in India, I used to run a local restaurant, so naturally, I gravitated toward starting that up again once moving to Kochi. We officially opened Shanti in 2018, and we’ve been lucky enough to welcome many locals and overseas visitors to our humble curry house.”

“Once we close at around 5 PM, that’s when I start prepping and cooking for the next day. We serve waterless curry, which means all the liquids come directly from the juices of tomatoes, onions and other vegetables. The natural sweetness of the ingredients really comes through in this technique, while deepening the flavors and aroma. It is a lot of hard work to balance everything with three children now in the household, but I am dedicated to serving delicious curry–without cutting corners–for as long as I can!”

“We are Kochi-ke (Kochi family)” is all about highlighting the stories of the people who make us proud to call Kochi our home. Whether you are living in Kochi now or have only visited once, you are part of the Kochi family

Nagafuchi Shokudo Shanti (@永渕食堂Shanti)
Vegetarian and vegan option also available

There is so much to see and do in Otoyo Town! Learn more: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/topics/1539
  • We are Kochi-ke: Binod Gupta

  • We are Kochi-ke: Binod Gupta

  • We are Kochi-ke: Binod Gupta