Niyodo River fun with the experts

Thanks to its famous crystal-clear water and expansive mountain view, the Niyodo River is an absolute paradise, whether you’re with small children, love nature, or seeking an epic summer adventure. It also makes a great destination from Kochi City especially if you don’t drive or prefer not to rent a car because it’s easily accessible by train

If you’re looking for a great time along the river, Suggoi Sports (@Suggoisports) is definitely worth checking out! Located just 30 minutes from Kochi Station by train and free shuttle (if you call in advance), Suggoi Sports has offered unforgettable standup paddleboarding (SUP) tours for about 8 years (beginners are welcome)! In addition to the epic experience of cruising along one of Japan’s clearest rivers, the tour guides will take this experience to another level. Their knowledge about the surrounding environment and local culture as well as community, will surely be a highlight of your trip

With that said…meet CEO Hiromichi Sasaki! He was the first Japanese person to ever become a professional surf lifeguard in New Zealand when he was just a high school student in 1996! He has extensive experience in all kinds of river activities and of course, speaks wonderful English

After spending a couple hours exploring the river in the morning, how about delicious homemade pizza for lunch at the Suggoi Sports cafe? When the evening comes around, stay at one of their cozy Airbnb guest rooms

Suggoi Sports
  • Niyodo River fun with the experts

  • Niyodo River fun with the experts

  • Niyodo River fun with the experts