Experience retro Japanese charm at Kure Town

There are many great day trip destinations from Kochi City, and Kure Town is certainly one of them. No need to rent a car either, because the Dosan Line Limited Express train from Kochi Station will take you there in just 50 minutes

This fishing town is small but jam-packed with historical charm that dates back over 400 years. Just wandering around the quaint streets–which you can easily imagine haven’t changed much in decades–really helps calm the mind and put things into perspective

There’s no doubt Kure Town is photogenic, but I do my best to keep my phone in my pocket and ground myself in the moment. I exchange several cheerful “konnichiwa!” (good afternoon) with locals, which irresistibly, brings a big smile to my face. Nothing feeds the soul like a greeting that is reciprocated

Speaking of feeding…my tummy is rumbling now  so I drop by Kure Taishomachi Ichiba Market. In addition to selling freshly-caught seafood, this spot is great for interacting with more friendly locals

If you get to visit around this time of year, you have to try mejika-no-shinko (juvenile frigate tuna), which is a very rare treat only available from August to September. Since mejika-no-shinko spoils very easily (over 2 times faster than Japanese mackerel), it must be prepared and served immediately. Fortunately, this is possible at Kure Town because the fishermen travel out to sea in the morning and can supply the market within just a few hours

Raw mejika-no-shinko is delightfully chewy and best savored with soy sauce as well as bushukan, a type of citrus fruit locally grown in the Shimanto region

Kure Town

Special thanks to Instagram user @kochi_1001 for the gorgeous shot of mejika-no-shinko!

@kochi_1001: https://www.instagram.com/kochi_1001/
  • Experience retro Japanese charm at Kure Town

  • Experience retro Japanese charm at Kure Town

  • Experience retro Japanese charm at Kure Town