The picture-perfect summer break in Aki

Located in the old samurai town of Aki, the Nora Dokei (field clock) is a gorgeous and fascinating work of art. Dating back over 130 years, it was handmade by the local landowner who taught himself the inner workings of clocks by repeatedly dismantling and assembling an American clock he owned. The Nora Dokei has become an iconic landmark of the area that attracts people from all over, especially during the summer! Typically from early to late July, you will find hundreds of bright yellow sunflowers collaborate magnificently with the retro, four-faced clock

After walking around the Doi Kachu neighborhood (remnant of Aki’s history as a former castle town) and immersing yourself in the sea of sunflowers, stop by Koen Chaya right next to the Nora Dokei. Built in a traditional and retro Japanese style, this eatery is the definition of cozy! Sit on the tatami (straw flooring) by the low tables, and enjoy the healing view of the beautifully-maintained garden. How about some delicious treats like handmade yokan (jelly-like dessert made of red bean paste, agar and sugar), dango (sweet rice flour dumplings), or ice cream? If you’re looking for a savory option, I recommend the chirimen-don, which is a bowl of fluffy rice topped with ingredients like tiny dried sardines, sesame, and grated daikon radish

Nora Dokei

Koen Chaya

Learn more about Aki City: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10515

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  • The picture-perfect summer break in Aki

  • The picture-perfect summer break in Aki

  • The picture-perfect summer break in Aki