Wake up to the shine of the Pacific Ocean

Witness the sun slowly paint the skies in infinite shades of deep orange and pink as it sets beyond the horizon. Fall asleep under a million twinkling stars, and wake up to the shimmery shine of the Pacific Ocean…all from your bed if you wish. This all sounds like a dream, but that’s just another glorious day spent at Dot Glamping Ashizuri Thermae

Located at Cape Ashizuri (southernmost point of Shikoku), the cozy interior of warm-colored lights and pastel colors in each dome-shaped tent makes you feel right at home. You can rent a barbecue grill for a heavenly outdoor meal on the terrace, or opt for the dinner and breakfast plan, which features some of Kochi’s best seasonal ingredients

After taking a mindful stroll along the 2-kilometer path around Cape Ashizuri, stopping by the majestic Kongofuku-ji Temple, exploring one of Japan’s largest coral reefs at Tatsukushi Marine Park (35-minute drive from Dot Glamping Ashizuri Thermae), and experiencing all that the area has to offer…how about relaxing in a rejuvenating natural hot spring?

The natural hot spring in the Ashizuri Thermae main building is rich in a mineral called radon that is said to improve blood circulation, boost immunity and enhance metabolism. It is said that Kobo Daishi (one of the most beloved Buddhist monks in Japan and founder of the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage) also healed any fatigue in these very waters over 1200 years ago

Perhaps it is now obvious why Dot Glamping Ashizuri Thermae would be my recommended accommodation (#editorschoice) in the area

Learn more about Cape Ashizuri: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10033
Dot Glamping Ashizuri Thermae official website: https://dotglamping-ashizurimisaki.com/
  • Wake up to the shine of the Pacific Ocean

  • Wake up to the shine of the Pacific Ocean

  • Wake up to the shine of the Pacific Ocean