Can’t help but fall in love with mochi

Have you ever tried mochi? Made by pounding steamed sticky rice grains, mochi is one of the most popular foods in Japan. However, besides just being a great snack any day, mochi is traditionally seen as a sacred food, and was used as religious offerings in early times. That’s why you will find mochi associated with many traditional festivals and celebratory events across the country!

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects about mochi is its versatility, and if you’re ever at the Sunday Market in Kochi City, here are two types you have to try!

First is shiawase-no-warabi-mochi, which translates to ‘warabi-mochi that brings happiness’ (I assure you the flavor lives up to its name)! Warabi-mochi (bracken starch) has a delightful jelly-like texture and translucent appearance. Topped with sweet, nutty kinako (soybean powder) and drizzled with rich sugar syrup, this is the perfect summer snack that will surely bring you (and your tummy) ample happiness

Second, you have to try imo-mochi! It is a local specialty made by kneading sweet potato paste into mochi, filling it with creamy red bean paste, and covering it in golden kinako. If you notice a slightly refreshing aftertaste, that’s the secret ingredient of yomogi (mugwort), which also naturally gives the mochi a beautiful green color

I recommend comparing and contrasting the flavors, textures and aromas of the two types and exploring your preferred mochi style!

Learn more about the Sunday Market: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/sundaymarket
  • Can’t help but fall in love with mochi

  • Can’t help but fall in love with mochi

  • Can’t help but fall in love with mochi