A train trip along the Shimanto River with “big brother

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to enjoy the spring weather and beautiful scenery along the Shimanto River, we’ve got a great suggestion. Welcome aboard the Shiman Torocco Trolley tourist train! The warm yellow hues of the train are a perfect match for the spring flowers, new greenery and the sparkling river water along the route. What’s more, one of the two cars is an open-air carriage, allowing passengers to soak up the fresh air and have an unobstructed view of the scenery (ideal for photography buffs and anyone who wants to up their social media game)

The train runs between Kubokawa Station in Shimanto Town and Uwajima Station (Ehime Prefecture). If you check in with us on a regular basis, that route might sound familiar. In recent weeks we’ve introduced two other tourist trains that traverse the same route: The quirky Kappa Uyo-uyo Kaiyodo Hobby Train, where you can ride with a host of impish kappa (water sprites), and the adorable Tetsudo Hobby Train, which is dressed up like the earliest model of Shinkansen (bullet train). Along with the Shiman Torroco Trolley, this trio of tourist trains are affectionately called the “three brothers of the Yodo Line''! The Shiman Torroco Trolley is the oldest, and thus the “big brother” of the set

The Shiman Torroco Trolley headed for Uwajima also offers onboard sales of yummy bites and snacks—perfect for munching on as you roll along!

Kubokawa Station is just over an hour by train from Kochi Station

The food wagon is generally available on weekends and holidays, but it is recommended to check for any updates on the JR Shikoku official website: https://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/yodo_line/shimantorokko.html

Learn more about the “three brothers” and some of Kochi’s other wonderful trains here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/train
  • A train trip along the Shimanto River with “big brother

  • A train trip along the Shimanto River with “big brother

  • A train trip along the Shimanto River with “big brother