Your epic golf adventure awaits in Kochi (amateurs welcome)!

If you’re looking for an epic golf experience, you might want to check out Green Feel Golf Club, which is located just 40 minutes from Kochi City by car. Sho Tobari (tournament producer, television commentator and designer of Green Feel) managed to construct a course that both championship-level players and regular amateurs can enjoy

Surrounded by plenty of nature including the crystal-clear Niyodo River, Green Feel is home to diverse seasonal flowers. You will also find relatively mild temperatures throughout the year, which makes it fun and pleasant to visit even in summer or winter!

An elevated tee with a Zen rock garden and an area where players have to traverse a river onto the fairway…those are just some of the many entertaining challenges you’ll find at Green Feel. The club’s restaurant also offers delicious meals using seasonal ingredients, all the way from ramen noodles and curry rice with juicy Shimanto pork cutlet, to bolognese pasta and the local specialty of omurice (omelet rice)!

If you don’t know much about golf though, you might wonder about its appeal, and I don’t blame you! I also did not really understand the game until a friend encouraged me to try it a few years ago. Since then, I soon realized people love this sport so much because it doesn’t have to be about winning. It can simply be about enjoying the serene landscape, refreshing the body through healthy physical exercise and hanging out with friends. At least for me, my mind always feels totally cleared after a day of golf because it helps me disconnect with the online world and enjoy real-life interactions that can be so healing. It’s an all-inclusive sport for all ages and genders!

I hope you give it a shot too (no pun intended)!

Learn all about golfing in Kochi: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/Golf
Green Feel Golf Club official website: https://greenfeelgc.co.jp/
  • Your epic golf adventure awaits in Kochi (amateurs welcome)!

  • Your epic golf adventure awaits in Kochi (amateurs welcome)!

  • Your epic golf adventure awaits in Kochi (amateurs welcome)!