25,000 tulips sown and grown with love

Monet’s Garden Marmottan might have been closed during the winter months, but it sure was still buzzing with activity. In fact, winter is a crucial time for the gardeners, when they sow thousands of seeds with great precision and care so they bloom gorgeously when spring arrives

You can see the gardeners hard at work in the bottom right photo, where they are meticulously positioning tulip bulbs in the cold winter, as patches of snow still visibly sit on the soil. The result of their dedication and effort is the most beautiful view that you can witness right now

During the annual TULIP, TULIP event, over 25,000 tulips of 24 different varieties bloom across a hill. Although the event is open until April 9, the colorful flowers typically reach peak bloom between March 10 and 20 (check the status of the flowers via their official social media page @北川村「モネの庭」マルモッタン)

Also, if you’re familiar with Claude Monet’s work, you might have recognized this view. Indeed, this landscape of colorful tulips draws inspiration from “Meadow with Poplars”, a painting the artist completed in 1875

We hope you come visit and witness the masterpiece that the gardeners have crafted here with much love and passion

Thank you to the staff at Monet's Garden Marmottan for letting us share some of their gorgeous photos! 

Learn more about Monet’s Garden Marmottan: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10003
  • 25,000 tulips sown and grown with love

  • 25,000 tulips sown and grown with love

  • 25,000 tulips sown and grown with love