Anybody say…hot spring retreat?

If you’re looking for time out in nature and a chance to unwind from the challenges of everyday life, Kohanyu might be your perfect spring retreat. This gorgeous onsen (hot spring) resort is located along the lovely Monobe River in Kami City, and every guest room has a terrace and river view. With spring breathing new life into nature, now would be an ideal time for a rejuvenating overnight stay

Kohanyu is all about relaxing and unwinding as you replenish your body, mind and spirit. That might sound like ‘back to basics’, but the service and amenities are anything but basic. Every aspect of the stay is curated with loving attention to detail. Each guest room is equipped with a private onsen bath, using spring water sourced on-site. The mineral content is said to be ideal for promoting relaxation and smooth skin. We recommend an overnight stay to make the most of the experience, but if you are tight on time, the onsen is also open for single-day visitors

As you might expect, the meals are delicious and nourishing in equal measure, featuring locally-sourced organic ingredients. The dining lounge is also designed to offer the perfect acoustic experience, so you can unwind while listening to an array of soothing melodies

Take time out to explore the lush, tranquil gardens at Kohanyu, which include a small waterfall and mossy rocks. If you would like to continue exploring nature, why not rent a bicycle and ride along the Monobe River after check-out?

It takes about 50 minutes by car to reach Kohanyu from Kochi City
Thank you to @湖畔遊 (Kohanyu) for letting us share their beautiful photos!

Kohanyu official website: kohanyu.jp
More information on cycling around the Monobe River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/topics/954
  • Anybody say…hot spring retreat?

  • Anybody say…hot spring retreat?

  • Anybody say…hot spring retreat?