Niyodo River in winter…Scandinavian style

@Niyodo Adventure has brought a bit of Scandinavian culture to Kochi so that you can enjoy an exciting packrafting tour even in winter. How, you might ask? Well…a cypress steam Finnish sauna, of course!

Although chilly, winter is the time of year when Niyodo River’s famous crystal-clear waters are most striking (thanks to the minimal presence of impurities). Knowing that there is a steamy tent sauna to warm you up instantly after paddling around or having a dip certainly makes the chilly temperatures far more tolerable, and, judging by the smiling faces of customers, fun!

Not to mention, you can enjoy delicious Niyodo roasted coffee as soon as you enter the sauna. Not a coffee person? A selection of organic herb teas are also available! One of the two plans includes experiencing the tent sauna as part of a guided tour after paddling down the emerald river on a packraft. If you would rather figure out your own itinerary, you can just rent the tent sauna for six hours

Thank you to @Niyodo Adventure for letting us share your beautiful photos! I can’t wait to experience tent sauna-ing (totally a word) someday too!

Niyodo Adventure official website: https://www.niyodoadventure.com/

Learn more about the Niyodo River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/niyodoriver
  • Niyodo River in winter…Scandinavian style

  • Niyodo River in winter…Scandinavian style

  • Niyodo River in winter…Scandinavian style