A 1400-year-old shrine jam-packed with treasures!

After a pleasant 40-minute ride on the retro Dosan Line from Kochi Station, I arrive at the riverside village of Hidaka, home to one of my favorite hidden gems

I breathe in the last of the summer breeze as I make my way down the gorgeously green, tree-lined approach to Omura Shrine. After I marvel at the 1400-year-old traditional wooden architecture, I walk over to the 31.5-meter cedar tree. In a rare case, the sacred tree appears to grow two different types of leaves between the lower and upper halves; cedar leaves at the bottom, and dense, peony-shaped leaves at the top

An ancient shrine AND an ancient tree? Yes! But wait, there's more...how about an ancient sword?

Yep! Omura Shrine indeed houses an ancient sword with a dragon-carved pommel and gilt-copper scabbard. It is believed that the sword was enshrined as an object of worship over 1400 years ago. Not only was it designated a national treasure in 1958, but also believed to be Japan’s oldest fully-intact heirloom

We particularly recommend visiting on November 15 during the yearly autumn festival, when the sword is shown to the public. You can also enjoy a variety of Shinto rituals and festive dances that will surely add to your memorable day in Hidaka Village

But remember...no trip to Hidaka is complete without indulging in the local specialty, omurice (omelet rice)! Learn more about the area here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10508
  • A 1400-year-old shrine jam-packed with treasures!

  • A 1400-year-old shrine jam-packed with treasures!

  • A 1400-year-old shrine jam-packed with treasures!