No fear...just sear!

Under 1.5 hours from Kochi Station by train is a hot spring inn that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. With its cozy Japanese-style rooms and healing natural hot springs, Kuroshio Honjin is a great place to stay when exploring the retro fishing town of Kure. But there's actually another reason why we highly recommend a visit

Right next door to the hot spring inn is Kuroshio Kobo, where you can experience cooking Kochi's ultimate comfort food...katsuo no tataki (seared bonito)! Under the guidance of a katsuo master chef, you can experience the traditional technique of searing bonito over a blazing rice straw fire

But have you ever wondered...why use straw?

Besides adding an irresistible smokiness, dry straw burns exceptionally well thanks to its hollow center (the fire can reach up to 800 degrees celsius in a moment)! This enables only the surface of the bonito to grill quickly, while locking all of the rich umami inside

The sear-your-own-bonito plan is available from April to October when bonito is in season. Quick fact! Bonito caught in spring is known as hatsu katsuo (first bonito of the year), and has a sweeter, lighter flavor. On the other hand, bonito caught in autumn is called modori katsuo (returning bonito), which tends to be fattier and richer. Which fits your taste best?

As the ocean view expands all around with the wind blowing in your hair and straw flames rising nearby...come own the power of nature for your perfect katsuo no tataki at Kuroshio Kobo

Beginner Course
The daily rate of the bonito + ¥800 
Sear a pre-prepared slice of bonito

Medium Course
The daily rate of the bonito + ¥1500
Fillet a whole bonito and sear 

Reserve a time slot before your visit
Contact 0889-40-1160 or http://honjin.or.jp/contact_taiken.html

Learn more about Kuroshio Kobo: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/activities/10434
Discover katsuo no tataki: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/taste-of-kochi/katsuo
  • No fear...just sear!

  • No fear...just sear!

  • No fear...just sear!