All smiles at the Sunday Market

Regardless of the weather, it always feels sunny at Kochi City’s Sunday Market thanks to the locals who brighten up my day. Last week, a lovely local grandma shared with me how she makes her homemade sweet mochi dumplings. She then apologized for talking too much (which she didn't!) and gave me a free sample! It tasted so heavenly, I ended up buying two packs to bring home These wholesome moments make me fall in love with Kochi even more

I also discovered three summer delights that were so good I forgot about the blazing summer heat! Check them out below!

Tokoroten jelly noodles
Have you ever tried these unique jelly noodles made from seaweed? In Kochi, we usually enjoy them in a cold bonito-stock soup. The salty broth combines perfectly with the light noodles and makes you feel like you could devour several bowls at once! Too much of anything is not good but…just FYI, tokoroten are low-calorie, gluten-free and said to help improve metabolism

Somen noodles
Not too keen on jelly noodles? Somen might just be for you! Just like tokoroten, we usually dip these thin, wheat-flour noodles in a cold bonito-stock soup, but sometimes, top it with freshly-squeezed citrus juice to make it even more refreshing!

Hiyashi ame (sweet ginger-syrup juice)
What do you imagine when you hear the word “iced candy”? That’s in fact the literal translation of hiyashi ame! It's made from malt syrup or sugar, ginger juice, and ice-cold water (kind of like a homemade non-sparkling ginger ale). Fun fact! Hiyashi ame is a traditional drink that people in Japan have enjoyed for centuries to help prevent heat stroke

Pro tip! The ginger syrup used for hiyashi ame is worth buying as it goes well in a variety of foods and drinks like yogurt, toast, tea, sparkling water, alcohol, etc.

Visit Kochi City’s Sunday Market for a foodie summer to remember

Ready for an outdoor adventure after an epic summer meal? Learn more here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/activities
  • All smiles at the Sunday Market

  • All smiles at the Sunday Market

  • All smiles at the Sunday Market