My day in charming Kure Town

Today, I am making my way to Kure, a town located under an hour from Kochi Station by train. I know I tend to say every retro town in Kochi is my favorite but…I just can’t choose!

I particularly love Kure because it has the beautiful combination of mountain and sea. I just imagine waking up in one of the traditional Japanese houses with the gorgeous mountain view, seeing my fresh laundry dance in the summer breeze, and enjoying the sound of fishing boats swaying along the harbor…yep, I could get used to that

After I wander the neighborhood (aka fantasize about my dream life here), I pay my respects at Kure Hachimangu Shrine. I love the way the rustic white torii gate stands out against the fresh green trees. But my favorite is the ocean view I get to see through the two torii gates as I leave the shrine

For lunch, of course, I head to the Kure Taishomachi Ichiba Market. This lively place has served some of the best seafood in Kochi for over 100 years!

I particularly love interacting with the jolly locals and feeling their passion for food (especially bonito, which is Kochi’s specialty)

I walk back toward Kure Station with a happy heart (and tummy). Farewell Kure, until we meet again!

Learn more about Kure Town: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10415
  • My day in charming Kure Town

  • My day in charming Kure Town

  • My day in charming Kure Town