Lucky sunset over the ocean!

Sunset is a magical moment that makes you forget about time, when the world is filled with warm orange light, and it feels like the most romantic moment of the day.

But did you know there is a rare sunset phenomenon you’ve probably never seen?! This is the daruma sunset.

Daruma are traditional charm dolls which are said to bring you good luck. They have a round red body and are sold with blank eyes. Traditionally, you fill in one eye when you make a wish, and then fill in the other when your dream comes true!

So, what is a daruma sunset? It is a mirage that causes the sun to look like a daruma floating on the ocean, and it occurs when there is a large temperature difference between the ocean and the air. Because of its beauty and rarity, daruma sunsets are said to bring good luck to those who see one✨

Be sure to try to catch a glimpse of one when you visit Kochi, where there is a higher chance of seeing the phenomenon than anywhere else in Japan! You will be blessed by the biggest and brightest daruma in the world!

Want to know the best spots to see these unique sunsets (or sunrises)? Here are 4 recommendations: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/darumasunset
  • Lucky sunset over the ocean!

  • Lucky sunset over the ocean!

  • Lucky sunset over the ocean!