Have you ever eaten a hat?!

 In Kochi you can do it! Of course this is a joke. We are not talking about a real hat, but the one made of bread! 

The so called "Boshi Pan", which means "Hat Bread" in Japanese, is a sweet that with time has become a symbol of Kochi.

You will find it in almost any bakery of the region, it can be even more common than the super famous "Anpan" and "Melonpan"!

The history of boshi pan is quite peculiar. In 1955, after the war, Rinbell bakery made a mistake while preparing melonpan and accidentally made a bun shaped like a hat, but it looked pretty, so they followed the same recipe and "Boshi Pan" was born.

Instead of the biscuit dough of the melonpan, boshi pan contains sponge cake dough.

The final result is a "hat" with a "knob" made of koppepan dough, and the "brim" made of sponge cake dough.

Boshi pan was born unintentionally, but now it has become famous and there are so many versions of it! Chocolate, Cream, Matcha Tea, and more! It is for sure a fun and delicious souvenir to bring home.

In the video, pay attention to what the famous YouTuber John Daub is wearing on his head!