Kochi's delicious dishes

Kochi is famous for its "Katsuo no Tataki", Bonito fish served in thick slices, seared on the outside, and raw in the center. 
But Kochi's cuisine is not only about Bonito! Let's see other delicacies that are difficult to find in other regions of Japan. 

Shimizu saba: Delicious Mackerel caught off the coast of Tosashimizu City, it is recommended to eat it as sashimi.

Utsubo: Moray eels are grotesque to see, but delicious to eat! Deep-fried karaage is one of the most popular choices. 

Dorome: Small and transparent fishes mostly eaten raw with "nuta", a delicious seasoning made of yuzu ponzu and leaf garlic. 

Kinmedai: Common in Muroto City, these brilliant red fishes with golden eyes are eaten as sashimi, stewed or grilled.

Shellfish: There are a few types that are a real delicacy! They can be boiled in water, in soy sauce, or eaten as sashimi. 

Are you curious to try these dishes? 

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