Kami no Hinamatsuri

The particular "Kami no Hinamatsuri" in Ino Town 

"Hinamatsuri", also called "Doll's Day" or "Girls' Day", is a special day celebrated everywhere in Japan, usually on March 3. 

In Ino Town of Kochi prefecture, a unique Hinamatsuri is celebrated around the end of February and the beginning of March every year. 
During the event a special parade is organized, where kids who will enter elementary school the following spring wear cute paper costumes. 
Why paper? Because Ino Town is very famous as a Japanese paper industry! In fact, the event is held to thank different deities but also "Tosa Washi" paper! 
An interesting fact is that both god 神 and paper 紙 are pronounced "kami" in Japanese! 

"Kami no Hinamatsuri" is canceled this year due to the current situation. We hope visitors will be able to attend next year! 
  • Kami no Hinamatsuri

  • Kami no Hinamatsuri