Snow Breaking Cherry Blossoms

Soudayama's Snow Breaking Cherry Blossoms 

Located in the middle of Bandaga Mori, Soudayama is home to the aptly named "snow breaking cherry blossoms", which start blooming in late February when there is still some snow left. 
With over 1000 trees covering the mountain, it is truly a magnificent sight when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom! Canola flowers also populate the mountain and start blooming around the same time, creating a picturesque sight to enjoy just before spring arrives.

While the dates may slightly vary depending on the climate, the snow breaking cherry blossoms are usually in bloom from late February until mid March. So if you get the chance to visit Kochi during this time, why not having a trip to Soudayama to appreciate this magnificent view? 

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  • Snow Breaking Cherry Blossoms