Nyuta’s Canola Flowers

Canola flowers, known as “Nanohana” in Japanese, are gorgeous golden flowers that bloom around March, welcoming the spring season. 

At Nyuta, along Shimanto River, over 10 million of these flowers reach full bloom in a grove of willow trees.

The mostly bare willow trees perfectly complement the Canola yellow carpet, a sight that captures the transition from winter to spring, which is definitely worth seeing. 

Usually during weekends and holidays in March, the “Nanohana Festival” also takes place. Local product vendors, food stands, and various events revive the atmosphere.

The grove is also lit up on certain nights, highlighting the exquisite golden color of the Canola against the willow trees and the dark backdrop.

If you have the opportunity to visit Kochi in March, we suggest you going to Nyuta’s willow tree grove, where the Canola flowers will for sure amaze you.

Access: About 5-10 minutes by car or taxi from Nakamura Station (Tosa Kuroshio Railway, Nakamura Line)

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  • Nyuta’s Canola Flowers