Fruit Tomatoes

Do you consider tomatoes to be a fruit or a vegetable? 

While some people may not agree on whether tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable, this particular brand of tomatoes from Kochi is named "Fruit Tomato".

With a sugar content between 7 degrees Brix and 12 degrees Brix (which is almost twice the amount of sugar of a regular tomato, making it similar to a tangerine or a watermelon!), the "Fruit Tomato" is sure to make some people reconsider their answer to the earlier question. 

"Fruit Tomatoes" require strict growing conditions, in order to be full of sweetness and flavour.

They are given less water than regular tomatoes to better absorb nutrients from the soil and are kept in conditions where the temperature fluctuation is less than 10 degrees celsius.

And they are only picked after they have turned red and ripe. 

Although they are available all year round, the cold weather in winter is said to make the "Fruit Tomato" juicier and sweeter. 

We have had people from around the world praising Kochi's "Fruit Tomatoes", so we would love you to try one or as many as you like, when you get to visit Kochi.
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