Kurogane Cutlery Workshop

Have you ever tried crafting a forged blade? 

Immersed in the countryside, between Kochi's mountains and Shimanto River, stands the tiny Kurogane Cutlery Workshop. 

There, a craftsman works hard to produce Japanese knives through "Tatara", a traditional iron making method passed down for thousand years.

It consists of putting iron sand into a furnace made of soil to make iron! 

At Kurogane Cutlery Workshop, you are able to experience blacksmithing for yourself! Are you ready to craft your very own blade?

Shaping the red-hot iron is definitely an experience you will never forget! 

The smithy is ready to explain every secret of this ancient art, in basic English as well! Visitors from abroad are most welcome.
  • Kurogane Cutlery Workshop