Marugoto Kochi

Do you remember our post from September about Marugoto Kochi? This satellite shop, located in Tokyo, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! 

As John Daub introduced in his “Japanese Snack Shopping & Eating Binge” video, at Marugoto Kochi, you can also purchase various food products from Kochi. 

One Kochi product sold throughout Japan is the popular Mire Biscuit! These lightly fried crackers are simple, yet scrumptious with just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness.

The crackers also come in a variety of sweet and savory flavors, such as caramel and garlic!  

Just a warning. You might become addicted once you try them. 

Also, if you are unable to visit Japan, you might be able to find these yummy snacks at a local Japanese supermarket too!

Another thing that may catch your eye in the store is the basketfuls of ginger.

But that’s no surprise, as Kochi is the top producer of ginger in Japan!

In addition to the Kochi-grown ginger, known as “Abe-san no Shoga”, you will also find an interesting assortment of ginger products, including “okazu ginger”, minced ginger pickled in soy sauce.

Okazu ginger is used as an ingredient in cooking, and is commonly enjoyed along with fish, pork, tofu, and even just rice itself!

What are your favorite dishes to include ginger in?
Please let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear about them!

Here is the entire list of the top 10 most popular products at Marugoto Kochi. If you have the opportunity, we highly recommend trying all the items on this list!


 [ Top 10 Products at Marugoto Kochi ] 

1. okazu shoga (ginger-based condiment) 

2. Mire Biscuit (sweet and salty snacks that also go well with milk) 

3. "Abe-san no Shoga" (Kochi-grown ginger)

4. “hat bread” 

5. Gokkun Umaji (yuzu beverage) 

6. shio kenpi (salted sweet potato snacks) 

7. Ripple (yogurt-like fermented milk beverage) 

8. straw-grilled katsuo no tataki 

9. sumaki (steamed fish cake) 

10. Dashi ga Yoku Deru Sodabushi (flavorful, dried frigate tuna used to make broth) 


If you find yourself in Tokyo, visit this shop and you will be surely be amazed at the huge selection of Kochi products!
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