Hage Tenmangu Autumn Festival

The Hage Tenmangu Autumn Festival is a traditional practice where a ushi-oni (bovine-headed yokai) is marched down a low-water bridge along the Shimanto River to pray for good health. 

Some say that this festival originated in the Meiji Era, where a path would be created by lining up stones, and the ushi-oni would be carried upstream beside the river. On the 35th year of the Showa Era, the Hage low-water bridge was built, and thus, the current form of the festival, where the ushi-oni crosses the low-water bridge from Hage Tenmangu Shrine, was born.

During the procession, a mikoshi (portable shrine) is also carried across the bridge, following the ushi-oni. Once they cross the bridge, they make a return trip back to the shrine. And afterwards, various dances are performed.

Although this year, the festival has been canceled, we continue to wish everyone good health for the coming year!
  • Hage Tenmangu Autumn Festival