Watching Horseback Archery in Kochi

Did you know that in the town of Toyo in Aki District, “yabusame”, or horseback archery,  can be observed at some of its festivals? 

Yabusame is an important ritual in Toyo, and it is a practice that originated in the Kamakura Era. During yabusame, both the rider and the horse don on decorated attire.

As the riders gallantly ride down the path on their trusty steeds and release their arrows, they emanate a mighty spirit of heroism. 

Although unfortunately, it is canceled this year, yabusame can normally be seen at the None Hachiman Shrine and Narukawa Kasuga Shrine festivals. It usually takes place at None Hachiman Shrine on the first Sunday of October (Western calendar), and at Narukawa Kasuga Shrine on the 17th day of the 9th month each year (old Japanese calendar).

As this important cultural practice is normally held each year, we hope that you will have a chance to observe it in person in the future.