Summer Recreation in Kochi!

Summer Recreation in Kochi!

Summers in Japan are known for their humidity, but one can quickly escape the heat in Kochi, where rivers and beaches are always just a moment away.

With the Shimanto, Niyodo, and Yoshino rivers running through the prefecture, there are plenty of river activities to enjoy! Take canoeing, for example. What makes canoeing in Kochi particularly unique is the chinkabashi, or low-water bridges that are found throughout these rivers. Admire the awesome backdrop of the clear water and lush, green mountains as you steer past these bridges.

Or if you prefer a more thrilling time, why not go rafting? Enjoy the rush, quite literally, as the cooling water splashes around you.

And with much of the prefecture surrounded by sea, Kochi has plenty of beaches where one can enjoy surfing as well.Visit Kochi during the summer and brace yourself for an exhilarating time!

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