An epic autumn hike and…miso butter ramen!

Welcome to Kamegamori! Last month, we introduced the autumn foliage along this mountain range near the UFO Line (and its curious connection to extraterrestrial life????), but this is an entirely new perspective. We’ve never previously had the opportunity to share a photograph where the rugged mountain fills the entire frame, but it really is something else. The close-up shot gives us an intimate look at the wild environment, as well as the fiery yellows and reds across the mountainsides. Courtesy of Instagram user @akimrn!

Also, did anyone say miso butter ramen!? Yep! On any hike, you’re always recommended to carry some snacks with you to sustain your energy, but Instagram user @masa_summer takes it to a whole other level! Perfectly-cooked noodles steeped in a miso-based soup, topped with a generous slab of butter, hunk of protein and flavored egg that’s still slightly gooey on the inside…AND this epic mountain view on top of all of that!? Count me in

What would be your dream dish to have on top of a mountain?

The autumn foliage here peaks around mid-October

UFO Line

Photo credits to Instagram users @akimrn and @masa_summer!

@akimrn: https://www.instagram.com/akimrn/
@masa_summer: https://www.instagram.com/masa_summer/
  • An epic autumn hike and…miso butter ramen!

  • An epic autumn hike and…miso butter ramen!

  • An epic autumn hike and…miso butter ramen!