So much to do in Nahari Town!

If you are traveling in a group, you might all have different travel preferences. Someone might wish to paddle along the calm sea on a kayak and snorkel through coral reefs, while another person may prefer enjoying a barbecue, marveling at traditional Japanese architecture or relaxing in a hot spring. Even if you’re traveling solo, you would probably appreciate having an array of activities to choose from…which is the perfect segue to introduce Nahari Town

Located in eastern Kochi, Nahari Town is home to all of the activities I mentioned in the previous paragraph! Kayaking, snorkeling, standup paddleboarding (SUP), glamping, barbecuing…Nahari Seaside Center offers these experiences with prior reservations! You can also rent electric scooters, which are fun and convenient ways to explore the area!

I also highly recommend dipping in the hot spring at Hotel Nahari and trying their famous maguro (tuna). Fun fact! Hotel Nahari originally opened in 1980 as a lodging facility specifically for fishermen and boat staff who caught maguro for a living. The very origin of the hotel is deeply tied to maguro, which explains why the taste you get here is simply unmatched

Nahari Seaside Center

Hotel Nahari
  • So much to do in Nahari Town!

  • So much to do in Nahari Town!

  • So much to do in Nahari Town!