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One simple ‘hello’ can change your life

“There are people who I still keep in touch with from my pilgrim days. That simply makes me feel so happy and excited for when I will see them next. I wonder about them every now and then, which reminds me that the time we shared was indeed precious. I’m so glad I ventured out into this journey!”

@Kouhei Iwata is a photographer who completed the entire Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage in the summer of 2022. He says it was thanks to the people he met during the experience that motivated him to move to Shikoku Island this past spring, specifically Naoshima in Kagawa Prefecture. Once he settles in, he hopes to take on the pilgrimage once again

Ohenro tip

“To those who may want to consider pursuing the pilgrimage in search of something precious.”

“I encourage you to be the one who says the first ‘hello’ to those you meet along the way. And as cheerfully as you can. Not everyone may match your energy, but the loving people of Shikoku simply won’t be able to leave a cheerful traveler alone.”

“I believe there is a beautiful encounter out there waiting for you–one that may help bring you another step forward in life.”

Thank you to Kouhei for the beautiful photos and truly heart-warming tip. I highly encourage you to check out his two Instagram accounts @iwatabi and @naoshima_photographer

@iwatabi: https://www.instagram.com/iwatabi/
@naoshima_photographer: https://www.instagram.com/naoshima_photographer/
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