Ocean views and…eggplant ice cream!? Yep! Welcome aboard

In operation since 2002, the Gomen-Nahari Line is the newest ‘local line’ in Japan, which refers to a train that travels through rural areas and carries a fairly small number of passengers. Since the line was built with relatively new technologies, it travels through tunnels and over bridges, which is a special feature compared to older local lines that tend to loop around mountains and rivers

Since much of the line runs on elevated tracks, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean along the eastern coast of Kochi. I particularly recommend timing your departure to catch the “Shintaro-Go” and “Yataro-Go” trains that run three times a day. These have observation decks where you can directly feel the summer breeze and fully immerse yourself in the dramatic coastline views

Pro tip

The Gomen-Nahari Line connects 21 stations between Nankoku City and Nahari Town, which is a route jam-packed with must-visit spots! Fortunately, there is a special one-day pass you can use to hop on and off the train as many times as you wish. It’s also affordably priced at 1,670 yen per adult, which is actually 490 yen cheaper than purchasing one round-trip ticket between Gomen and Nahari stations! The pass also gives you discounts at many shops and restaurants along the route

So…what was that about eggplant ice cream!? Yes! That’s exactly what you will find at Aki Group Farm located about 15 minutes from Ananai Station on foot. You might be suspicious of this unique flavor at first, but the aroma of roasted eggplant combines deliciously with the sweet, rich ice cream! In fact, Aki City is Japan’s leading producer of eggplants so you know they’ve got the expertise

Gomen-Nahari Line
More about the one-day pass: https://www.tosakuro.com/gonafree
Time schedule of the “Shintaro-Go” and “Yataro-Go” trains: https://www.tosakuro.com/yataro

Aki Group Farm
  • Ocean views and…eggplant ice cream!? Yep! Welcome aboard

  • Ocean views and…eggplant ice cream!? Yep! Welcome aboard

  • Ocean views and…eggplant ice cream!? Yep! Welcome aboard