Niyodo blue and matcha green

If you’re looking for a fun day trip from Kochi City, I highly recommend visiting the Niyodo River area! If you’re an adventurous family, you might want to check out Suggoi Sports that offers epic standup paddleboarding (SUP) opportunities (beginners welcome)! Or, if you prefer taking it easy, why not hop on a yakatabune (traditional leisure boat) and cruise along the crystal-clear water? There’s so much to do along the Niyodo River (often ranked Japan’s most beautiful river), but today, I’d like to share two of my personal favorite spots

First off, we have Nikobuchi, which is a plunge pool located just over an hour from Kochi City by car. Once you witness this gem of a place, you will quickly understand why there’s a specific term used to describe its surreal color. “Niyodo Blue” is best seen during midday when the sun shines directly from above. @Laura Dreesen beautifully captures the jolly feeling and pure delight of visiting Nikobuchi (thank you Laura)!

My other favorite spot along the Niyodo River (about 50 minutes west of Nikobuchi by car) is CHA CAFE ASUNARO! Whether you go for the adorable-looking, perfectly-seasoned onigiri (rice balls), udon noodles, or hot-pressed egg sandwich, everything is delicious! However, just know that you must have one of their decadent tea desserts (especially since May is the harvest season for the fragrant and flavorful ichibancha or “first tea of the year”)! Thank you @The Tasty Traveler for capturing the mouth-watering foodie shots!

Learn more about the Niyodo River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/niyodoriver

Laura Dreesen: https://www.facebook.com/lauralolo96d
The Tasty Traveler: https://m.facebook.com/thetastytraveler/
  • Niyodo blue and matcha green

  • Niyodo blue and matcha green

  • Niyodo blue and matcha green