Harmony of pink, white and yellow

Cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and canola flowers are some of the most recognizable signs of spring in Japan. Typically, you would have to visit separate spots to see them but Konan City in eastern Kochi offers the opportunity to enjoy all three flowers at once (as long as you time it right!)

This is Nishigawa Flower Park!

It's my annual tradition to come here and appreciate the vibrant colors that come alive in spring. There’s no place quite like it because the collaboration of pink, white and yellow makes me feel like I'm really maximizing the spring experience

But my favorite part? Using the props available at the park to take some epic shots (like me ""flying"" over the canola field on a broomstick)

The Nishigawa Flower Festival is also taking place between March 18 and April 2 this year! During the festival period, you will find an array of food stands offering delicious bites like yaki imo (baked sweet potato), oden (Japanese hot pot dish), sweet mochi dumplings, and more!

Nishigawa Flower Park is only around 50 minutes from Kochi City by car

Learn more about Kochi’s must-visit seasonal spots: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/Flowers

Check the Konan City official website for more details about the Nishigawa Flower Festival: https://kounan-navi.com/event/%e8%a5%bf%e5%b7%9d%e8%8a%b1%e7%a5%ad%e3%82%8a/
  • Harmony of pink, white and yellow

  • Harmony of pink, white and yellow

  • Harmony of pink, white and yellow