A slice of local life at the Friday Market

We’ve told you about Kochi’s fabulous Sunday Market, but did you know there are also weekly markets on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday? Each one has its own interesting history and unique charm, and this time we’ll introduce the Friday Market

This market is relatively small (at least when compared to the massive Sunday Market!????) with typically around 19 stalls, but both vendors and customers are serious about food here. Located under the elevated railway tracks, along the bustling Atago shopping street, the Friday Market is where many of the city’s restaurant owners come to select their ingredients. These will be used to create mouthwatering dishes for their customers over the busy weekend. But of course, it isn’t just professional cooks who shop here! You’ll see locals out getting food for the family, including adorable grandmothers who seem to know as much (or even more!?) about food than the vendors!

The Friday Market began in 1926 so it’s been an important part of local life for almost a century! Due to expansion of the road, the market was in danger of closing in 1952, but thanks to the efforts of residents and business owners, it was relocated out of harm’s way. It moved to the current location on the Atago shopping street in 2009, and looks set to celebrate 100 years of serving the community!

The market is about a 10-minute walk from Kochi Station and operates typically from sunrise to an hour before sunset

Learn more about the Sunday Market: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/sundaymarket
  • A slice of local life at the Friday Market

  • A slice of local life at the Friday Market

  • A slice of local life at the Friday Market