Nature and sushi-lovers give thanks to Japan’s ‘Black Current’

In Kochi, we have a deep sense of gratitude for the warm ocean current that runs along our shores, known as Kuroshio (literally translates to ‘Black Current’). This is particularly true in Tosashimizu, which is located about 2.5 hours from Kochi City by car at the prefecture’s southernmost edge. The warm water laps against the intriguingly-shaped rock formations around Tatsukushi Marine Park, bringing diverse marine life close and supporting the expansive coral reefs that lie just below the ocean surface.

In fact, the waters are so clear you don’t necessarily need snorkels or scuba gear to discover the undersea world! Take one of the glass-bottom boats that make regular tours of Tatsukushi Bay, or peer through the portholes at the retro Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower.

In addition to being a source of wonder for visitors, the bounty of the Kuroshio Current is the foundation of Tosashimizu’s thriving fishing industry. Although freshly-caught bonito make for delicious katsuo no tataki (Kochi’s ultimate comfort food), sushi-lovers flock to this remote region for another rare delicacy…raw mackerel.

Although mackerel is found on sushi menus all over Japan, it is rarely served raw as it tends to spoil quickly. In Tosashimizu, however, Shimizu saba, caught by a single hook and line fishing are landed live, and can reach your plate so fresh that you can enjoy its rich flavors raw. Shimizu saba is especially delicious during winter, with a taste akin to fatty tuna. Rich in high-quality protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins…mackerel is not only delicious but healthy too!

How far would you travel for some of the world’s freshest sushi?

Learn more about Tatsukushi Marine Park: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10039
  • Nature and sushi-lovers give thanks to Japan’s ‘Black Current’

  • Nature and sushi-lovers give thanks to Japan’s ‘Black Current’

  • Nature and sushi-lovers give thanks to Japan’s ‘Black Current’