Welcome to the Yoshino River! Wait…what’s that?

At 194 kilometers, the gorgeous Yoshino River is the second longest in Shikoku! In addition to its breathtaking beauty that anybody can appreciate, adventure-lovers and adrenaline junkies would be happy to hear that Yoshino is known as Japan’s wildest river. The thrilling rapids make it the ideal spot for white water rafting

But today’s main topic is actually a bit hidden in the top photo. Do you see them freely roaming around on the hills? Yes! This particular area is actually part of a cattle ranch for one of Kochi’s delicacies, Tosa Akaushi wagyu beef

Also called the “miracle” wagyu, Tosa Akaushi beef is limited to only about 500 head of cattle per year, making it a very rare treat. Compared to the black-haired variety (that comprises more than 90% of wagyu generally found), Tosa Akaushi beef is said to have two to four times its sweetness and umami

What’s the secret? The answer can certainly be seen through these photographs that show the cattle roaming freely with the least amount of stress as possible. Additionally, no growth-promoting supplements or drugs are used. While there is no perfect system, there are better ways in which we can interact with our surroundings to lessen environmental impact. Raising Tosa Akaushi is one system in which the process involves as much consideration as possible, while yielding a rare delicacy that is of highest quality

Under an hour from Kochi City by car, Sameura BBQ Terrace offers the opportunity for you to grill your own Tosa Akaushi beef. After a delightful lunch, how about exploring the area? Sameura Canoe Terrace offers a variety of activities like canoeing, standup paddleboarding (SUP), camping, and more

Learn more about Sameura Canoe Terrace: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/activities/10429
  • Welcome to the Yoshino River! Wait…what’s that?

  • Welcome to the Yoshino River! Wait…what’s that?

  • Welcome to the Yoshino River! Wait…what’s that?