Three ways Kochi City’s tram is #1 in Japan

I love the Tosaden Tram Line, not only for its convenience but also its retro charm. The one-car tram sports a variety of designs (often with cute anime characters) and makes Kochi City feel that much more homey. Analog signs, old-school windows, paper (not digital) posters, and a range of manual controls you’ll see the driver masterfully maneuvering…the tram’s interior is also filled with nostalgic glimpses into old Japan. However, its charm doesn’t end with its appearance! Here are three tidbits you probably didn’t know about the Tosaden Tram that make it #1 in the country

Oldest tram

The Tosaden Tram is the oldest one in Japan, running unchanged since 1904. Although the Iyo Tetsudo Tram in Ehime Prefecture is technically 9 years older, its route and management structure changed over time. Therefore, the Tosaden Tram holds the longest history in terms of operating just as it did 118 years ago.

Longest tram track

At 25.3 kilometers in length, the tramline covers the longest track in the country. From the traditional paper-making town of Ino in western Kochi all the way to Gomenmachi Station near the crystal-clear Niyodo River, the Tosaden tram will get you far and across.

Shortest distance between two stops

Last but not least, I think this is my favorite tidbit because it just makes me giggle

In true Kochi adorableness, the Tosaden Tram runs the record shortest distance between two stops. After the tram leaves Seiwagakuen-mae, it immediately stops after roughly 20 seconds at Ichijyobashi just 63 meters away. The reason dates back to 1985 when Seiwagakuen-mae was built in front of a newly-opened school (after which the stop is named), but locals insisted Ichijyobashi would remain as it had existed since the Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). 

Did you know about these fun facts? Which one surprised you most?

Learn all about Kochi’s trains: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/train
  • Three ways Kochi City’s tram is #1 in Japan

  • Three ways Kochi City’s tram is #1 in Japan

  • Three ways Kochi City’s tram is #1 in Japan