A rhapsody in red, gold, green and blue at Yasui Gorge

There’s no doubt that Kochi is a paradise for nature-lovers (at least I think so)! Among the numerous spots to enjoy autumn foliage in Kochi, Yasui Gorge is particularly special. Although the physical exertion along the 10-kilometer trail probably won’t have you gasping for air (because it's not too arduous), the scenery will sure take your breath away

In autumn, Yasui Gorge lights up like Mother Nature’s treasure box with rich, gem-like hues. You’ll find the forest decked out in ruby red and topaz orange, while the crystal-clear waters of the Niyodo River’s tributary ebb and flow in ever-moving gradations of emerald green and turquoise

There are endless photo opportunities no matter where you are along the trail, but you will definitely want to linger at Suishobuchi. It’s a water pool that seems to glow with a heavenly blue light. Autumn is a particularly good time to visit because the water volume decreases, which leads to greater transparency

There are also a number of beautiful waterfalls along the route including Hiryu-no-Taki, a two-tiered cascade said to resemble a twisting dragon, and Mikaeri-no-Taki, which plunges over a cliff. The shimmering waters are constantly changing like a natural kaleidoscope, impacted by the amount of water, the sun’s position, and even the color of the surrounding trees

Like all good things though, it takes a bit of extra effort to reach Yasui Gorge and coming by car is the easiest option. It is a very popular autumn destination especially on weekends, so take care on the narrow roads that lead to the entrance of the gorge. At peak times a one-way system may be in use, both on the road and along the hiking trail, so that everyone can enjoy their visit safely

Learn more about hiking trails along the Niyodo River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/niyodoriver

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  • A rhapsody in red, gold, green and blue at Yasui Gorge

  • A rhapsody in red, gold, green and blue at Yasui Gorge

  • A rhapsody in red, gold, green and blue at Yasui Gorge