Good sake? Good life

From katsuo no tataki (seared bonito) to aromatic yuzu citrus fruits, Kochi is an amazing destination for foodies. But of course, we must not forget that a delicious drink is essential for enhancing the flavors of a meal. In Kochi, we’re all about that good sake

Home to 18 excellent breweries, Kochi’s local sake (collectively called Tosa sake) is typically crisp, dry and light. Over the years, local sake masters had to innovate their techniques to successfully complete essential fermentation processes in the warm and humid climate. The result is a high-quality sake that overflows with originality made by those who have mastered the art of closely controlling all aspects of the complex brewing process

Located just over 30 minutes from Kochi Station on the express train, retro Sakawa Town is home to the oldest brewery in Kochi, founded in 1603. Tsukasabotan has a white-walled storehouse so long that the path down its over 80-meter stretch is proudly known as Brewery Road! There is also a lovely sake selection sold at Sake Gallery Hotei or Hamaguchi Residence (former merchant’s house turned into a cozy cafe)

Another iconic brewery is located in Kure Town, under an hour from Kochi Station by train. Established in 1781, Nishioka Brewery is a rarity in sake-making today, because it continues to produce in only small batches at a time, which ensures the highest quality in every bottle

Learn all about sake in Kochi: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/taste-of-kochi/sake
  • Good sake? Good life

  • Good sake? Good life

  • Good sake? Good life