Aisukurin: A Kochi symbol but…not Kochi-born!

This delicious sorbet made from eggs, sugar and powdered milk has been the quintessential Kochi snack for over 100 years. However, you might be surprised to learn that aisukurin in fact originated in Yokohama, which is over 760 kilometers away from Kochi. How did it get here?

Well, aisukurin became popular all across Japan after the first store opened in Yokohama in 1869. However, when the country experienced rapid economic growth in the post-war era, whole milk and heavy cream started replacing the cheaper alternative of powdered milk. Consequently, rich and smooth ice cream became mainstream, while aisukurin slowly disappeared from markets across the country 

This is where Kochi does it different

As automobiles became more integrated in everyday life, aisukurin parasols started popping up along the roadsides by Kochi locals looking to sell this perfect and affordable on-the-road snack to drivers. Aisukurin remained a familiar go-to snack in Kochi as it became harder to find in other parts of Japan. This led to media attention, which eventually turned aisukurin into a Kochi symbol…even though it wasn’t even created here!

Some things just have the most unexpected backstories! I hope this fun fact enhances your experience of savoring this refreshing retro snack, which you can find homemade at Kochi City’s Sunday Market

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  • Aisukurin: A Kochi symbol but…not Kochi-born!

  • Aisukurin: A Kochi symbol but…not Kochi-born!

  • Aisukurin: A Kochi symbol but…not Kochi-born!